Monday, October 18, 2010

Screenwriters Festival

The London Screenwriters' Festival is nearly upon us. The line-up and speakers are now complete, and it looks like it will be a cracking event; lots to do, lots of networking opportunities. The tickets are nearly sold out so if you were planning on going, best book your ticket asap. Remember, you can get £37 discount on the ticket price by using the discount code dannystack.

See you at the festival!


Shane Knight said...


Just wondered if you could take 5mins out your day to take a look at my blog which I'm using purely is a forum to showcase my writing but also a place for people to come and read what I'm hoping will become my online serial.

It's basically the first 10 pages I wrote for the Red Planet comp. Alas I didn't get past the first stage but I have faith in the writing and the story and I still have lots to write.

If whomever reads it/them and enjoys and wants more, then I'll write more (I'll try and leave little cliffhangers at the end of each part). If nothing then I'll knock it on the head and move on.

Your support will be appricated and I'll take a look at Origin tonight at home.

Plus did I mention I love last years episode of Eastenders. Archie receiving the bad news cutting to Dot was genius!!!

I'm such a creep.

Shane Knight

Shane Knight said...

The link would help!!!

Danny Stack said...

Hi Shane - that's the best way to use a blog, to promote yourself & your writing. I had a quick look at your sample and there was some interesting stuff there. You should definitely write more if you feel so passionate about the story - don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! (If you did get through to 2nd round of RPP, you would need the full script, so no point stopping now!)

Thanks for your nice words about Enders, I was really proud of the Archie diagnosis scene.

All the best mate, Danny