Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Episode 4

As the London Screenwriters Festival looms, and everyone prepares to work their networking mojo to the max, me and Tim have done a special podcast about ways to be proactive and how to raise your profile as a writer. Plus there's reviews of new TV drama The Event and Aaron Sorkin's The Social Network. Podcast is half hour long, so why not give it a whirl. You can listen direct below, or via the main site, or iTunes, all the usual outlets. All comments/feedback welcome. Thanks!

In other news, CBBC's Roy has been nominated for two BAFTAs! One for Best Children's Drama (wahey!) and one for Best Writer for lead writer Paul Smith (woohoo!). Huge congratulations to JAM Media and the team; I'm so pleased and proud to have been part of the show (special shout-out to script editor Alan Keane for making it a very special experience). Roy is currently on BBC2, Saturdays, 11am. It's a really warm and funny show, so check it out if you can. My episode, On The Run, is on in a few weeks!


Sonny Terry said...

Thanks guys for a very honest and open half hour. Glad to know writers angst really exists, and, in people who have atually achieved something in the business.

Can Ian Duncan Smith make you pick up litter if you don't have a proper job next year?

Chris Regan said...

Really enjoying the podcasts! I'm currently in post-production on a short film I shot over the summer so I found this episode particularly relevant. I consider myself a writer primarily but turned to directing for many of the same reasons you mentioned here and agree that it's something all writers should try, even if it's on a small scale.

Deviation Movie said...

Great work, Danny and Tim!