Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Screenwriting Bullet #5


Forget about death and taxes. If there's one thing guaranteed in a screenwriter's life, then it's to expect a whole world of rejection. Not just once or twice, or at the beginning of a career - shyeah, you wish - but on a regular basis.

It happens to everybody ALL THE TIME. If someone hasn't been rejected, they're either lying or they haven't sent anything out yet.

People delivering the rejection will tell you 'it's not personal' but it's always a delicate and sensitive issue that never gets easier the more times you experience it.

Some rejections won't hurt as much as others (a basic 'pass' from a prod co), and some will crush your confidence to the ground (a scathing or tactless review of your script), while some rejections will be unlucky or unfair (someone making the wrong decision on your work).

Bottom line: rejections sucks. No question. But suck it up and keep writing. It's the only way to move forward.


Unknown said...

I'm half way papering one wall with mine. It's starting to look like like a Picasso or Dali ...
Sorry to hear about the 'Shine' gig, but at least you got your face in front of some important people.
And have you told Tim not to laugh so close to the mike in your podcasts, yet?

Dominic Carver said...

Being rejected does suck, but I believe those that get over it and continue on are better people/writers for it. It's a testament to your own inner strength that you don't let rejection overwhelm and defeat you.