Friday, January 28, 2011

UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Episode 7

Here's the latest UK Scriptwriters podcast from me and Tim. COME GET SOME!

In this edition, the theme is 'building a career' and we discuss the BAFTA nominations for Best Short Film and Best Feature Debut from a Director/Writer/Producer, and what that means for the likes of us. (Tim's doing a review rundown on each of the nominated short films on his blog).

This leads us into our main topic which is 'when the rejections pile up, how do you know whether to continue or to quit?'

On that cheery note, we lead into our review section where Tim gives the thumbs up to comic book guy Chris Ware, and I compare and contrast Being Human v True Blood.

Plus there's our regular competition giveaway with Movie Magic Screenwriting Software, DVD Screenwriter Dialogue Series & more up for grabs, courtesy of movieScope magazine. Full details on the podcast.

As ever, have a listen and tell us what you think, or make suggestions, or just say hello. Email us directly at ukscriptwriters Thanks!


Unknown said...

Hey there,

Loving the podcasts.

Haven't listened to this one yet (it's strangely unresponsive on the web but downloads to my ipod no probs) but I also looked at the similarities of Being Human and True Blood on my blog -

am eager to see if we're of a like mind.

keep up the casting that pod!



Lisa said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say great job!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Lisa! Hello!