Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Me on TV!

If you'd like a good laugh at my expense, then here's a clip from RTE's Jo-Maxi (kinda like Ireland's version of Blue Peter), circa 1992, when I was their regular fillum reviewer for about three months. This was my third review for them, I think, so I'm still a bit r̶u̶b̶b̶i̶s̶h̶ nervous. I'm very thin, my ears are maHOOOOsive, my hair is unkempt (hey, I had just turned 21, I was TRENDY), and my accent is stronger than it is now. I also had the Best Catchphrase of the Year. Oh, the review is for Jim Sheridan's Into The West.

As you can see, I was trying to be the next Antoine de Caunes/Barry Norman, but with an Irish accent (a winning combo in anyone's eyes, surely? I should SO be on Film 2011). Yes, okay, laugh it up. I may inflict you with other reviews if you don't behave yourselves.

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Jason Arnopp said...

This has made my day, Lord Stack. I thank you!

Anonymous said...

Especially loving the shoulder acting for added emphasis. Nice waistcoat too ;-) Sally xxx

Danny Stack said...

Waistcoats were so *my* look. Hey, I could have been in Boyzone. I COULD HAVE HAD THE WORLD!

Dan Doolan said...

I quite liked that simply stepping into shot wasn’t enough for your final entrance so you sort of materialised mid-turn.

Berni said...

Tito, tanks for posting! I love your eh natural smiles before you magically disappear to let the clip run.. No rats tail for this one though?!


David Kelleher said...

Takes me back Danny, takes me back. I'm sure I watched this at the time. I remember the main presenter but not you for some reason!

Don't understand the programme title though. Wasn't Jo-Maxi Dublin slang for a taxi?

There must be more.

Brendan O'Neill said...

Jaysus! Good work, fine ears and a great little irish movie. How's the St. Patrick's day challenge filum coming along?

Danny Stack said...

David: Yes, Jo-Maxi was slang for taxi (from Jo le Taxi, the French song?) but not sure why the programme was called that. I was on once a week for about 3 months towards the end of 1992, blink and you would have missed me.

Brendan: I think I may have lost & won the challenge, i.e. I wrote a short but someone else directed, and it became 10mins long instead of 5mins! Still, will try to do something else.

Unknown said...

Wonderful. Are you going to put this as part of your showreel?

Love the shoulder lifts, the L'Oreal turn to camera - because you're worth it - and the (unseen) hands on hips so your shoulders look HUGE in the last segment.

And, of course, the ZZ Top-style 'Neeeext'.

sam morrison said...

My old pal Chris makes a habit of putting embarrassing photos of me on facebook, but today it doesn't seem so bad any more Danny. Thanks for that!

Seriously, you give good review for a 12 year old.