Monday, May 02, 2011

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Episode 9!

The latest episode of the UK Scriptwriters podcast, hosted by myself and Tim Clague, went live before the long weekend but you might have missed it due to wedding, barbeque, socialising, bank holiday shenanigans.

In this month's edition, we round up the latest news, discuss the Oui's and Non's of going to Cannes, review Dr Who and Tim talks Picasso! Plus there's our regular movieScope competition with Screenwriter DVD, mag subscriptions and Movie Magic Software up for grabs. It's free! Full deets on the pod, yo.

Of course, if you're a subscriber, you'll automatically get updated on all the insider scriptwriting chat but it you're NOT (why do you hurt me so?), then you can listen to the podcast via the embedded player, below (and catch up on any you might have missed).

As ever, have a listen and tell us what you think, spread the word, or make suggestions, or just say hello. We're on Facebook and Twitter or email us directly at ukscriptwriters Thanks!

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