Friday, August 19, 2011

6th Blogoversary!

(don't know who owns the image but I got it here)

Friday 12th, August 2005. That's when it all kicked off. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but I had just stumbled on the world of blogging (James, James and Tim, mainly, after exhausting Word Player), and was hungry for more screenwriting procrastination.

I had no idea what I was getting into, or what the blog would come to represent; in essence, it has defined my profile and has invariably helped my career (possibly hindered on a couple of occasions), not only with commissions but through panel appearances, random perks and general internetworking.

And, of course, without the blog, I wouldn't have had the idea for the Red Planet Prize, or I wouldn't have been able to make Origin, my ambitious short film. (When I started the blog, I was in post-production with my very first short film attempt, On The Death Of His Wife, a no-budget affair to see what could be achieved with a morning's filming.)

To celebrate six years (this is post 653), I thought I'd share the Top 5 Blog Posts Of All Time (So Far). These are the posts that get the most hits and bring new readers to the site. So, hello, welcome, thanks for stopping by, or if you're a regular reader, then mine's a pint. Here's to the next 6 years!


5. How To Get An Agent
Do you need an agent? How do you attract their attention? What's the best way to make an approach?
(I'm going to do a new post on this topic soon)

4. Broadcast Comedy Forum
This is actually a guest post by m'regular co-writer Sam Morrison but is insanely popular as it breaks down what the key players in UK comedy are looking for (well, last year anyway).

3. Script Reader UK
How to be a script reader, and what it's actually like.

2. Beat Sheets
Just what in the hell are these blasted things?

1. Joss Whedon's Top 10 Writing Tips
Another guest post, essentially, as it's an article reproduced from a magazine but this one spread across the interwebs like wildfire, and continues to fan some flames of interest from a wide array of screenwriting aficionados.


Unknown said...

Hey, congratulations, Danny.

Jonathan Mills said...

"blogoversary"??? Call yourself a writer?!?!?!

I'm sure I speak for many when I say thanks for all help and advice over the years. You're a lighthouse in the lonely ocean of writing...

sam morrison said...

congrats Danny. Speaks much of your dedication. If I didn't play so much online scrabble...

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, all!

Robert Yates said...

Happy 6th Blogoversary!

Brilliant stuff. Cheers for everything guest post or otherwise on the blog + RPP & UKscriptwriters podcast.

PS: I'm liking the new red banner... *some nice foreshadowing there.*