Monday, August 01, 2011

European Podcast Award

Wow, the UK Scriptwriters podcast has been nominated for an European Podcast Award! Apparently. Just getting my head around it at the moment, but nice to be nominated! If you'd like to vote for us, simply click on the vote below (or follow this link). You don't need to sign up or register or anything, just vote! Cool and the gang!


Tony Uttley said...

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Anyone want to read my script and advise me?

Title: “Epiphany”
Logline: Crash together the pain of death with the quantum world of atoms. Is there a god? There is now.

"Epiphany” is like a blend of “Knowing” (Nicolas Cage) and “Contact” (Jodie Foster). The story is about Caine Stevens is a lost soul and he is only ten years old. He questions everything. His brother Jake is only eight and far too young to understand the pursuit of knowledge but his mother Helen and father Dan give him their best guidance through life.
After a freak accident Caine's life is torn apart. Devastated he blames his father and lays a burden of guilt which attacks his fathers heart.
Now a man, Caine carries on his fathers work at the Brookhaven particle accelerator where he crashes together the pain of death with the quantum world of atoms.
Who created the universe? What is the point of life? Round and round the atoms race through his mind. A chance encounter with a sick and twisted ex-girlfriend Jo-Anne would lead her to try kill him, resulting in Caine experiencing near death.
Kathryn the love of Caine's life is there to pick up the pieces only to witness a vision of dreams and the angel of death.
After a M.R.I scan reveals brain damage, Caine's mental health deteriorates into a vision of dreams.
The white padded cell cannot contain such vast knowledge and Caine escapes and only after a vision of dream almost wipe out New York City does Kathryn lay dying in his arms.
Could Caine's life be any worse? Yes, Caine pays the ultimate price and a tunnel of light returns him through the universe and to a destiny of fate which will lead him to the secret of the universe.

E mail me at if you would like to read it.
Best regards,
Tony Uttley.

Danny Stack said...

Hi Tony - there are many places online that you can get free feedback (in exchange for some free feedback!). Places like Zoetrope & Trigger Street. Closer to home, Lucy Vee set up a free feedback exchange community, more details here.

I charge a fee for script reading, full details here, if that takes your fancy, but you should be covered in any of the above. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Danny & Tim,
Huge congratulations on the nomination. I've gone to the vote site and given you guys a 5* for both. Fingers crossed.

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Andy!