Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Talent Connector

Industrial Scripts recently launched a new service - Talent Connector - where they will personally recommend new writers and their scripts to the key players in the UK film and TV industry. From Industrial's press release: "the ongoing programme... champions the best unrepped talent to come through the company’s coverage system. It is the first of its kind in the UK and Industrial Scripts neither charges writers fees to market projects, nor takes a fee if projects sell or attract the representation of an agent."

What I really like about this is that it's a genuine proactive push to help new writers get the right kind of attention when, previously, they might have struggled with the industry-wide 'no unsolicited scripts' policy. Personally, I've always been passionate that the industry could and should do more to discover and champion new talent (hence my idea for the Red Planet Prize, and whatever I can do via this blog), so Talent Connector is a welcome addition to the fold.

The cost is effectively free (once you've had your script covered by Industrial's script reading service, which is fair enough) and their industry-reach is very impressive indeed. I've always been a huge fan of Evan's passion, determination and focus, and what he's doing here with Talent Connector (and Industrial Scripts in general) is only a good thing for UK writers. Please note, this is not a fast-track system providing short cuts or false promises. Good writing is the key, and if your script survives the initial industry review, then there's a solid chance of interest from a wide variety of producers and agents.

Check out their FAQ section for the full downlow. "Talent Connector is continuously open for submissions, all year round, and will culminate each December with the announcement of the Industrial Scripts Gold List – when the best 10 scripts to pass through the coverage system will be revealed, and prizes awarded."

Industrial Scripts also sponsor the UK Scriptwriters podcast, and each month they give away a place on their Effective Script Reading course. I think Evan's giving the option of choosing one of the other courses, like Screenwriting for Beginners, or Making the Low Budget Film (highly recommended), so all you have to do is give our podcast a listen (around 4mins30 in) and enter the competition from there. It's all free of charge, baby!

The podcast was recently nominated for an European Podcast Award (wahey!), so do vote for us if you get a moment (no email or register needed, takes 5 secs). Cheers!

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