Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jack Thorne Interview

Did you see The Fades recently on BBC3? Excellent, wasn't it? Missed it?? Catch up on iPlayer!

The whole series was written by UK script whiz, Jack Thorne. I sat him down over Skype to chat about writing The Fades, Skins, Cast Offs, This is England 86 (and upcoming This is England 88), Scouting Book for Boys, etc.

In the interview, he talks candidly about why pilot episodes are so hard, how the insecurity of Twitter reaction was driving him insane, and his general approach to writing, amongst other things.

The full 30-minute interview is available FREE via Industrial Scripts' website (email sign-up required), and there's also plenty of other free interviews with top industry bods.

Well worth a listen!

By the way, the photo above isn't Jack. That's the teen lead from The Fades. Here's Jack (from his cameo in This is England 86 - or is he auditioning for The Fades, series 2??)

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