Monday, November 07, 2011

Red Planet Prize 2011/2012

The Red Planet Prize is back!

It's the best screenwriting competition in the world.

Here's why:

- FREE to enter.
- A truly amazing prize: £5k, a script commission and an agent (if you don't already have one).
- Lots of opportunities and mentorship for the finalists.
- Robert Thorogood, a finalist in the inaugural 2007 competition, developed his new BBC series 'Death in Paradise' via the Red Planet Prize.
- Many other finalists have launched their careers through the scheme and have worked, or are working, on other shows.
- Quite simply, it's a screenwriting competition by writers for writers.

Here's how it works:

- Submit the 1st ten pages of a 60-minute pilot or one-off 60-minute TV script. Any genre you want. A 100 word synopsis and a 16 word maximum logline is also required.
- If we like your first ten pages, we invite you to submit the entire script.
- A shortlist is compiled. A winner is chosen from an esteemed line-up of judges.

Full details and how to enter can be found on the website. And/or click here to read how and why the competition started.

THE DEADLINE IS 16TH JANUARY 2012. Plenty of time to think of a new idea, polish the first ten pages to an inch of their life, AND have the entire script finished in case it gets chosen for the second round.



Anonymous said...

Best news of the year so far.
I am determined to get past the first round this year.
Fingers crossed

Paul Penna said...

I've been looking forward to this, I really hope I get past the first round this year.

Already submitted my script, as of yesterday.

The question is, what now? Hmmm. Maybe I should start writing a script for next year? :)

Anonymous said...

Great news ! I'm submitting my entry tomorrow. As a new writer in 2010 I was amazed to get to the 2nd round stage in December 2010. Am hoping to go one stage further. Well, it's all a learning curve and we have to be positive. The journey contineus. Good luck everyone! Ross.

Anonymous said...

Do the first 10 pages need to be a PDF or is a word document alright?

Not entirely sure where the PDF idea has come from but want to be sure.


Danny Stack said...

PDF is preferable but Word is fine, too.

Anonymous said...

Have entered this year. But am continuing to work and develop my script. If it’s gets through to the 2nd stage, when I submit the full script , if the first ten pages have changed, would that be cause for disqualification?

Danny Stack said...

Not at all, anon. Wouldn't want to make the 1st ten pages worse, though!