Monday, August 13, 2012

7th Blogoversary!

As of yesterday (12th August), this blog is seven years old! Is that old in blog years? Should I put it down now, like an ageing dog? Twitter has somewhat overtaken blogging in terms of sharing information but in truth, I feel much more at home with the blog than I do on the 140chars micro-site. It might be uncool to admit that you still enjoy blogging but it works for me, and I hope, for you too, in terms of visiting this site.
(pic: script reading duties in 2005)

It's been a rum old time of late. The last couple of years have whizzed by in a blur of excitement (Origin), rejection (lots), disappointment (near-misses) and delight (unexpected turns). I'm certainly a different writer, and person, than when I started the blog in 2005, and it's interesting to note how everything changes but stays the same.
(pic: me making my writing/directing debut with Origin)

My only rule about keeping the blog alive is to make it relevant to my level of experience: my own thoughts and insights on script reading, and to share any breakthroughs in my writing (and now, directing) career. Everything here and in the archive is, essentially, notes to myself; the information I would have liked when I first started, and any helping nudge I could give to the industry along the way (like the Red Planet Prize and the UK Scriptwriters podcast). I hope you've enjoyed some of the ride, and will continue to stick around as I see where everything goes from here.
(pic: me and Tony Jordan launching the Red Planet Prize in 2007)

In a slightly combined blogging celebration, here's an extra-long anniversary edition of the recent UK Scriptwriters podcast, where me and Tim get interviewed by MA student Melissa Hermanny. The 80min discussion rounds up all of the topics we've covered in the two years we've been doing the podcast. Have at it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thanks for your stellar work.

Btw ... love the "I'm in witness protection" photos. ;)

Danny Stack said...

Or 'Where's Wally?' :0

Sam Morrison said...

Congratulations Danny. I am constantly amazed by your enthusiasm and generosity. And your incredible chin.