Saturday, December 22, 2012

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Planes, Trains & Reviews

The Christmas edition of the UK Scriptwriters Podcast is here. It was recorded live in Southampton Airport recently as we waited for a delayed flight on our way to attend a European script meeting - international screenwriters of mystery that we are - but our flight was eventually cancelled.

In the podcast, we round up some screenwriting news (BFI Film Forever Fund, Red Planet Prize winner and Kickstarter UK) and our main topics of discussion are about time management (c8mins in), and storyteller Vs auteur (c18mins in), plus reviews of Frankenweenie, Beasts of the Southern Wild and A Royal Affair (c24mins in). Click below to listen, or subscribe via iTunes or the main website.

Following on the Christmas theme, here's Tim's annual Christmas film (his way of sending everyone a Christmas card), this time about 5 Reasons Why Scriptwriters Hate Christmas. I'm sure some of you will relate to what Tim says here, and look out for a cameo from me for the fifth reason, my own personal pet-hate about Christmas (and being a screenwriter in general).

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't share this hilariously embarrassing clip of me reviewing The Muppet Christmas Carol for an Irish TV show in the early 90s. Ah, to be young and innocent again.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone and here's to a happy and productive 2013.


Anonymous said...

Any news on this year's Red Planet Prize, Danny?

Danny Stack said...

I haven't heard anything yet but it should be shaping up quite shortly. As soon as I know anything, I'll share the details.