Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Origin: Live Tweet-Along!

The event that EVERYONE's talking about (well, me). I'm going to stream/play Origin today from 1pm, and do a live tweet-along, so please do come and join me! It should take around 15 minutes or so, ideal lunch time distraction.

Watch the film first if you want to line up any questions or chat.


Anonymous said...

Hey, finally got to see your short. Thanks for posting it. Great movie. The acting was spot on, absorbed me right away. I also loved the cinematography. Really captured the feeling of tension building up.

Btw, I intend to make a short soon and was wondering your decision process regarding lense choice, lighting etc. I'm still learning so any advice would be helpful.

Thanks again for posting a great short.

Really inspired me to get off my ass and start making stuff.

Danny Stack said...

Thanks for watching! Early on, I decided to film on Super16mm, to give it as much a cinematic quality as possible. Then, I hooked up with DOP rising star David Raedeker, who was amazing. I left the lense choices to him, as I fussed over the shots & the actors (David coming up with a few shots himself). A great collaboration!