Monday, January 28, 2013

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Character Bios

In this month's edition of the UK Scriptwriters podcast, me and Tim discuss developing characters before you start writing a story; how much time/prep should you give them, do your characters need full biographies - just what is the right process to create great characters?

We also round up the latest UK scriptwriting news, and chat about the death of HMV and how many new filmmakers won't ever experience buying their own film over the counter (!), and Tim gets all nostalgic over his back-issues of Empire ('hey, it's 1990!). The timings break down like this:

c0-4.40: Intro/what we're up to
c4.40-15.05: Screenwriting news, and some chat around that.
c15.05-30.54: Listeners' Questions, how much time do you spend creating great characters, death of HMV, etc.
c30.54-34.18: Speed reviews of what we've been watching: Anna Karenina, Zero Dark Thirty, The Imposter, The Hunt, Utopia, Ripper Street, and how to get in touch (Facebook, Twitter, email).

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