Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Origin (HD)

Four years ago, I had just wrapped filming Origin, my ambitious short film starring Lee Ross and Katy Carmichael. It would be another year before I finished post-production, and another year later that it would end its film festival run by winning BEST HORROR SHORT at London Independent Film Festival 2012. Here's a video diary of me on set, giddy with excitement (more vids below in links).

To celebrate Origin's 'birthday', you can now watch the film online in glorious HD, below, and right underneath you'll find links to my production and video diaries, should you wish to delve deeper into how production shaped up, and what I had to do to get it made.

Origin, shooting diary, day 1
Origin, shooting diary, day 2
Origin, shooting diary, day 3
Origin, shooting diary, day 4

Origin, video diaries

Origin, pre-production update
Origin, casting

Origin, crew
Origin, pre-production final

Origin, full cast & crew
Origin, blog contributors
Origin, cast & crew screening

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