Tuesday, July 23, 2013

London Screenwriters Festival 2013: Discount Code

"It's only August, no need to book yet for the London Screenwriters Festival that's on in October". Right? Well, um, no.

It's 92% SOLD OUT already! Probably more than that by the time you're reading this. **UPDATE - 97% SOLD OUT! NO WAIT, 98% SOLD OUT!! HOLD UP, MORE SPACE/TICKETS ADDED, SO NOW 86% SOLD OUT - FULL DETAILS HERE **

If you're buying a ticket, use my discount code SCRIPTWRITINGUK13 and get £24 off (this discount will expire at the end of September but they'll probably sell out any... minute... now... so hurry!).

Any commission I make with my discount code goes directly to my travel and accommodation expenses so I can attend the festival myself.

All the info you need to know about the festival, who's attending, and why you should be there too, can be found on the website. See you there!

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