Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Writing Observations

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Here are 10 quick writing observations, a mixture of my own experience and what fellow writers often tell me:

- Fridays are always very quiet for emails (just me?).

- the worse you think you're getting as a writer, you're actually getting better.

- those feelings of writing insecurity get bigger the more your career develops.

- achieving a reliable (and admirable) professional quality to your work is great but sometimes not enough; making a script read well is not always the same as telling a good story.

- sometimes commissions will go awry, despite best intentions from all concerned (writer, producer, script editor, etc).

- getting fired from a script sucks balls.

- rejection will always feel personal no matter how much you're told the opposite is true.

- rejection is rarely personal.

- having an online profile as a writer is essential. Everybody Googles, so be in control of what comes up in the search results.

- you don't need an online profile as a writer; just write. Google schmoogle.

How about you? Any interesting observations/quirks?


James Moran said...

All of these. Except the Friday one - people seem to save up emails for that day. Notes, questions, telling you to go to script, rejections - mainly rejections. Friday afternoon, about 5pm, is the primetime rejection slot.

Danny Stack said...

Oh yeah, the F**K Off At Friday rejection. If I do get an email on Friday, it's one of these. The bastards. :)