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Ten Steps To Be A Professional Screenwriter (PDF download)

Want to start and sustain a screenwriting career? These ten steps will show you how.

Script Reading In The UK: The Complete Guide (PDF download)

How to be a script reader. What the process is really like, and how readers assess scripts, plus two sample script reports.

Scriptwriting In The UK: Q&A Series (PDF download)
Q&As with writers & directors from the UK, including Tony Jordan (Hustle), Ashley Pharoah (Life on Mars), Toby Finlay (Dorian Gray) and James Watkins (Eden Lake).

Film Funding In The UK (free booklet from UK Scriptwriters Podcast)

Screenwriting Bullet Series


BLOG ARCHIVE: the best of the blog

First Ten Pages: How To Jump Start Your Script (with ref to BBC's Line of Duty)
How To Be Your Own Agent, Even If You Already Have One

How Do You Become A Screenwriter? (Six Steps!)
What Makes A Good Inciting Incident?

First Ten Pages: Flashback Intro (with ref to BBC's In The Flesh)
10 Tips For Making Short Films (once you're in production)

Narrative Point-Of-View In A Scene (with ref to Ryan Gosling's film, Drive)

Irony of Character
My First Ten Pages

Writing for Kids' TV

Tax Expenses for Screenwriters
Plot, Narrative, Story, what's the diff?

The benefits of 'helping out'

Tackling the Internet (how I made the web series Liquid Lunch)
Short Film Strategy

The Rule of Hard Work
Red Planet Prize, FAQ

Make A Short Film?
The Gap
Screenwriting Guarantees

Script Reading Round-Up

The Wait
Red Planet Prize, Pointers
Origin, Lessons Learned

Joss Whedon's Top 10 Writing Tips

Screenwriter's Block?
Credit When It's Due
Gimmick Submissions

Narrative Clarity
Flying Hours

Are You Ready?
Getting Your Script Read

TV Shadow Schemes & Trial Scripts

Writing Techniques
Confidence & Attitude

Whatever It Takes, Redux
Music Cues In Scripts
Where To Start?

Getting Ahead

How To Use Intercutting

Personal Vs Genre

Writing Wrongs
The 6 Stages Of Feedback (featuring Jason Arnopp & James Moran)

Watching The Script

What Makes A Good Spec Script?
Writing For Free

Beat Sheets, Revisited
Whatever It Takes
TV Series Bibles

Raising Your Game
What Execs Want From A Comedy Script

How To Get A Job In TV
How To Get A Job In Film

Screenwriting Tax Issues
Screenwriting Tax Claims

What A Writer Doesn't Write
A Writer's 10 Year Plan
The Push To Write
Your Writing Portfolio

Dramatic Need
Raising The Stakes

Passive Protagonists
Episodic Scripts

Subplots & Secondary Characters

Unique Ideas

Analysis Awareness
Surprising Characterisation


What is 'original voice'?

Hot Script
Write Now

How To Get An Agent

When You Get An Agent
Agent Advice

Which Writing Process?
First Draft Syndrome

Character Vs Plot
Four Main Functions of Dialogue
The Art of Subtext

Beat Sheets, Explained
Mark Kermode's Short Film Tips

Giving Up The Dream


You made it to the end, congratulations! Reward yourself with Liquid Lunch, my 6x2min comedy web series. The 12-minute omnibus video is below!