My Short Films

ORIGIN (14' short film, 2010)

A supernatural thriller about a woman who tries to keep her family together when her son falls ill after he's bitten by a mysterious creature. Starring Lee Ross, Katy Carmichael and Jack Blumenau. WINNER: Best Horror Short, London Independent Film Festival, 2012.

Official Selection: Brancharge Film Festival 2010, Raindance Film Festival 2010, London Short Film Festival 2011, Berlin Short Film Festival 2011, Shortcutz London 2011, Purbeck Film Festival 2011, London Independent Film Festival 2012 (WINNER: Best Horror Short)

Origin (HD) from Danny Stack on Vimeo.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB (4' comedy, 2012)

After picking up their kids from school, two mothers escape to the woods and stage a playful stand-off to liven up their domestic lives. Produced by White Lantern Film. Written by Nell Denton.

TRADING LICKS (12' comedy/drama, 2011/12).

Legendary guitarist Quentin Ball has got stage fright, and equally worse, a blocked toilet. Can the local plumber, who happens to be an obsessive fan, be the cure for both problems?
Details on IMDb. Directed by Adrian Tanner. Written by Danny Stack. Starring Roger Allam.

LIQUID LUNCH (6 x 2min comedy web series, 2011)

Ollie and Alex regularly meet in the pub during their lunch break but when they realise life is passing them by, they decide to do something about it.


A widower gives a poetic tribute to his wife as he recalls fond memories of their domestic routine together. Zero budget, my very first short, just to play around!