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I used to be a full-time freelance script reader for companies such as Working Title, Pathe, Miramax (Harvey Weinstein era), Tiger Aspect, UK Film Council, Irish Film Board, amongst others. I have read and critiqued thousands of scripts, and script edited a range of films and genres, from award-winning shorts, animation, children's, sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror, biopics etc. I also assess entries for Tony Jordan's Red Planet Prize, which is an annual screenwriting initiative I helped set up to find new writers. From this, I've gained valuable insights about the 'first ten pages' of a script, and TV spec scripts.

TESTIMONIALS: (more in comments section)
'Danny gave me some excellent notes for my feature The Man Inside. He took the time and care to understand the script fully and my vision that I had for it. He was at his most helpful when pushing me to expand and develop ideas and he drove me closer and closer to my final vision. It was if he were focusing my brain and the page closer together, until the story I wanted to tell had fully formed.' Dan Turner, filmmaker.

'Whenever I finish a new script, I know it's not ready to send out until it's got some of the Stack Attack action'. Tim Clague, filmmaker.

'Danny read the script for my graduation film 'Echoes' and his comments led me to completely rethink the 3rd act of my script. The resulting film then bagged me representation at United Agents and it has since won several awards in the UK and US. I think it would be an understatement to say that I benefited from Danny's script feedback! I always go to him for advice when I'm struggling with a script and he always delivers." Rob Brown, filmmaker.

'Danny was brilliant at making us concentrate on the dramatic through line of our screenplay. He treated us with respect and sensitivity and yet gave us the confidence to challenge, change and improve'. Lea Sellers & Yvonne Potter, writers.

'Danny is a screenplay nurse, smiling encouragingly while giving your script the enema that it needs'. Rob Milner, writer.

'A man of great structure, character, and dialogue.' Sam Morrison, writer/director.

'Really helped me to get my script to where I wanted it to be.' Andy Marsh, filmmaker.

'As a script reader Danny Stack is fair, thoughtful and thorough - which is far more use than a thoughtful thoroughfare. Two thumbs up!' David Bishop, writer for Doctors on BBC1.


Andrew Mills said...

I tried out a few script reading services, including Danny's. Of all them Danny's stands head and shoulders above them. His notes are not padded with summaries, etc but straight to the point, extremely thorough, lengthy and detailed. With that all said, the one thing that Danny does that nobody else does (which I believe is truly invaluable) is he imparts knowledge within his notes on the art of script writing - so when he suggests you make a change to your script, he also takes the time to explain why it makes sense technically. I've learned so much and my scripts are much the better, all thanks to Danny.

Calum Chalmers said...

Whenever I've finished a script, one of the first things I now do is send it to Danny. I always dread the feedback because as much as I may kid myself that it's in decent shape, I know Danny will root out the flaws that I'm blind too. His notes are always thorough yet concise. They're like surgical strikes, getting right to the core of what's not quite working in the script. He's never harsh and always fair. His notes not only guide you to a better draft but they encourage you to push yourself as a writer.

Matt Houghton said...

I recently submitted a script to Danny for the first time. His report was comprehensive and detailed, containing plenty of well-explained, insightful suggestions as to how the script could be improved. What was great was that these were presented in a thoughtful and encouraging way i.e. I felt they were designed to help me tell the story in the way I wanted to tell it. The next draft will certainly be stronger as a result of Danny’s input. He turned around the notes on a 100 plus page feature inside a week and was friendly and communicative from start to finish. I won’t hesitate to use his services again. Recommend.

Stuart Curran said...

I knew that Danny Stack's script reading service would be helpful, given his wealth of experience, but I didn't anticipate just how useful it would be. His analysis of the script is thorough, detailed and backed up with examples from the industry. He helped me to realise the flaws of my script, but also offered me some insight and ideas that could help improve it. I must also say that he's very friendly and approachable, and I will definitely be using his service again.

Raving Dave Herman said...

Danny's script notes are professional, relevant and helpful. His comments on structure, character, premise, dialogue and marketability all make sense, and are all the more credible due to his own experience in the industry. Worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

My project has leapt forward following an informed assessment. Encouraging without pulling punches. Excellent.

Michael Brandon

Unknown said...

Danny is my first port of call to get useful, professional, practical, and intelligent notes on a draft. He has helped me in many ways in the past; from unlocking the potential of a confused feature script to finetuning tricky content and format for a TV pilot, and more.

His feedback is always delivered in a respectful manner, but without trying to shield you from hard truths. It's about the needs of your project first and foremost, and every script I sent Danny has improved significantly as a result.

Highly reccomended, and pretty darn affordable too.

Abi said...

I found Danny's feedback insightful and constructive. Yes it was critical but also had some great ideas and suggestions on how to turn things around and what I could do next - which is important when you are deciding between throwing the whole damn thing in the bin or getting stuck into your next draft!

Fay said...

Thanks Danny. I'm a newbie at this. Your script report was thorough, professional and very helpful. It's making me look again at the wider plot, as I've become too transfixed with my characters. Your suggestions will help me to get it back on track.I can't wait to start improving it! Will definitely send more in to you in the future.